2008 Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials - 2008



Taken from the Walla Internet Mental Health Community Forum:


I have seen one or two internet forums in my life.  I arrived at this forum ( by chance, for no reason, just to share something with somebody out there in the real world.  I have discovered the most amazing people in here, people who have the will and the ability to listen and help.



Thank you for your unending support.  I would be lying if I said that a weight had been lifted from my shoulders and everything was fine now.  But I have discovered one thing and that is that no matter how bad things are there will always be somebody there beside me.  It is wonderful what you do here (   Stay together, all for one.  Good luck to you all and again, thank you.




Excerpt from a letter:


“I spoke to one of you representatives last night and I have to tell you that she was wonderful and more importantly, professional.  She really managed to make me feel better.  I felt that she was not just listening to me but that she really cared and really wanted to help me.  This should not go unrecognized and I would appreciate if you could pass on my appreciation to her.




Excerpt from an email:


I wish to thank you for all the help you have given me recently when things were bad for me.  I am still finding it hard but thanks to you, less unbearable.  I listen to your advice and try to continue on.  I know that it will take a long time but I recognize that it is preferable that it takes time than for there to be no change whatsoever.  Thank you to you all.  I do not know how to thank you for all the help you have given me.  Please continue with the amazing help that you are giving to people as this assistance is helping a lot.  I will never forget you.




Taken from ERAN ICQ conversations:


Thanks, thank you for everything, because of you I got my real smile back and the fake smile has been banished.  So I just wanted to say thanks.  I have stopped cutting myself and now I am happy.



I want to say thank you for giving people like me a place to get things off their chest, you have personally allowed me to feel a huge burden has been lifted by allowing me to share my problems with others, even those whom I have never met.  And now you are the wonderful people to whom I owe a huge thank you for the will to be there, to listen to me and to help me.





I don’t know how to say thank you in such a way that the whole world can hear.  I have printed out your reply and read it over and over.  I know the answers but have to be reminded again and again.  Even though we do not know each other you opinion is so important to me.




You are an amazing person, you have made me understand that life is important and that I do not need to throw it all away and that many more things will come to me.  Thank you from all my heart.  Good night.