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ERAN on the Net: It’s easier to open up from behind the screen.

From Yidiot Aharanot 4th July 2007
“Adolescence is full of difficulties and troubles”, Gilat says. “The kids are used to spending a few hours a day on the computer, and prefer to discuss their problems over the Internet. Sometimes it makes it easier for the volunteers at the center, because the kids are more open over the internet than they might be on the phone”.

Teens in Distress

From Yidiot Ahranot 28th October 2007
The cost of the strike: What are the kids going through?
Ruti, an ERAN volunteer says, a young girl wrote me “My friend is threatening suicide”, and another boy wrote that his “parents are getting divorced and he doesn’t see any point in living.” .....At ERAN they are used to these kinds of calls with young people in distress, but in the past few weeks since the beginning of the teachers strike, there has been a 30% increase in calls as was first reported by Ynet.

A Different Lesson- ERAN teaches listening skills to school children

This lesson will enable the students to develop their listening skills, and at the same time provide each student with the opportunity for emotional release through individual and personal work. The teacher is required to be aware of students in special circumstances (students whose fathers were recently in military service, or have experienced a death or loss of a loved one, or have been exposed to actual danger, residence in the north, proximity to the location of a rocket strike) and those who show signs of distress. If needed, the teacher will direct certain students to professional help.