ERAN in the Media

Emotional hot lines see sharp rise in callers from the South

Jerusalem Post 4th January 2009 - military action in Gaza
Services providing emotional first aid to residents of the South reported a sharp rise in calls to their hot lines on Thursday, after almost six days of increased rocket attacks on an area where some 800,000 Israelis live.

From the Battlefeild to the Psychologist's Sofa

I.D.F Radio network. 21st. February 2007
The opening of a special hotline for emotional support providing assistance to servicemen and their families. Now it is time to take care of the post-war trauma

Teens In Distress

From Yidiot Ahranot 28th October 2007
The cost of the strike: What are the kids going through?
Ruti, an ERAN volunteer says, a young girl wrote me “My friend is threatening suicide”, and another boy wrote that his “parents are getting divorced and he doesn’t see any point in living.” .....At ERAN they are used to these kinds of calls with young people in distress, but in the past few weeks since the beginning of the teachers strike, there has been a 30% increase in calls as was first reported by Ynet.

Decline in IDF Suicides

From Yidiot Aharanot 28th December 2007
The IDF attribute the sharp decline to a line to a number of measures taken, one of which was the opening of an emergency hotline for soldiers in psychological distress, in cooperation with ERAN.

Emotional help hotline at peak as Seder draws nearer

From the Jerusalem Post April 9th 2008
ERAN, the national free Emotional First Aid phone service, has bolstered its phone lines in 10 branches around the country to cope with callers suffering stress before and during Pessah - the holiday that causes more loneliness and emotional disruption than any other.


From Maariv May 12, 2006
When I was younger I used to call the ERAN Hotline. I would wait till there was no one else at home, and then I would say to myself, yeah, now I’ll call the psychologists at ERAN and fool them, I’ll tell them I have all sorts of problems. Do you understand Chaim? I was a kid in grade 3 and I needed to tell myself I was calling just to fool them.

Spotlight on ERAN

From TZEVET” Magazine for military veterans Febuary. 2008
The phone rings in an unidentified bomb shelter in a town in central Israel, and one of the volunteers, Brigadier General (res.) H, at one time a senior pilot in the Air Force, picks up the phone. On the other end of the line the heartbreaking soft crying of a woman, older, alone and ill. In another soundproof cubicle lieutenant colonel (res.) R is having a fatherly talk with a young anorexic girl who wants to complain about her parents, and really about the whole world.

ERAN on the Net- It's easier to open up from behind the screen

From Yidiot Aharanot 4th July 2007
“Adolescence is full of difficulties and troubles”, Gilat says. “The kids are used to spending a few hours a day on the computer, and prefer to discuss their problems over the Internet. Sometimes it makes it easier for the volunteers at the center, because the kids are more open over the internet than they might be on the phone”.

All the Lines are Busy

From Tsomet Hasharon July 28th 2006
All the Lines are Busy
The number of callers to ERAN's Kfar Saba branch drastically rose due to the war in the north. The type of problems were also different.

It is Completely Normal to Feel Abnormal

Article from Ha'aretz July 30th 2006 During the second war with Lebanon